First Phase

The Evolution of East African Trade: Structure and Policies

South African Involvement in East African Economies

Development of Local Entrepreneurship

Trade and Intelectual Property Rights (TRIPS)

Mineral Development and Tanzanian Economy

ESRF/Institute of World Economy-Vietnam Collaboration

Second Phase

(Research in Progress)

A review of theoretical approaches to foreign investment and its impact

Foreign Investment in a historical perspective

Changing patterns of regional and global capital market linkages

The inter-relationships between foreign direct investment and international trade

Privatisation and the changing role of foreign capital

Globalization and Employment in East Africa

GATS and Its Relevance to Tanzania

Cross Border Trade for Non Traditional Agricultural Exports in Northern Tanzania

National Entrepreneurship, Foreign Capital and East African Development

Analysis of Factors hindering foreign direct investment inflow into the Agriculture Sector in Tanzania

Collaborative project between Tanzania and Vietnam (jointly between ESRF and IWE, of Hanoi, Vietnam by Dr. Dinh)