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Globalisation Seminar Series - Globalisation meeting-room, ESRF

The ESRF Globalisation Research is conducting bi-weekly seminars on Globalisation and East Africa. The Seminar series is held at ESRF Globalisation Meeting-room on Thursdays from 15 hrs to 17 hrs. This year the series will resume on 14 April, 2005.

The seminar participation involves a small group of people from academic/research institutions, government, donors' community and the private sector. The tentative timetable is mainly made up of papers by members of the globalisation research, but the team also welcome seminar contributions from outside the group. See the programme for more details.

Working Paper Series

The Globalisation and East Africa project has been publishing its own Working Paper Series since its establishment more than three years ago. The latest paper (Working Paper No. 14) is titled "Economic Reform in Tanzania and Vietnam: A Comparative Commentary" co-authored by Brian Van Arkadie and Do Duc Dinh – download.

The Second Annual Globalisation Lecture

The Second Annual Globalization Lecture will be held in October, 2005. The potential presenter in the Lecture will be Prof. James H. Mittelman.

James H. Mittelman is Professor in the School of International Service at American University, Washington, DC. Previously, he served as Professor and Dean of the Graduate School of international Studies, University of Denver; held the Pok Fafeah Chai at the National University of Malysia; and was awarded a fellowship at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton. He also had teaching and research appointments at Eduardo Mondlane University (Mozambique), Makerere University (Uganda), Ritsumeikan University (Japan) and the Unniversity of the Witwaatersrand (South Africa).

Mittelman’s books include a series of companion volumes on globalization: Globalization: Critical Reflection (editor, Lynne Rienner Publishers, 1996); The Globalization Syndrome: Transformation and Resistance (Princeton University Press, 2000); Capturing Globalization (co-editor with Norani Othman, Routledg, 2001); and Whither Globalization? The Vortex of Knowledge and Ideology (Routledge, 2004). Currently, he is Distinguished Visiting Fellow at the Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies.

Books Recently Ordered by the Globalisation Project

  1. Van Arkadie, B. and R. Mallon, Vietnam: A Transition Tiger-Asia Pacific Press, 2003
  2. Jackson, P., Business Development in Asia and Africa: The Role of Government Agencies, PALGRAVE, 2002
  3. Bora, B. Research Issues in Foreign Direct Investment, Routledge, 2002
  4. Okpaku, J., Information and Communication Technologies for African Development, United Nations ICT Task Force, 2003.
  5. Nissanke, M. and E. Aryeety, Comparative Development Experiences of Subsaharan Africa and East Asia: An Institutional Approach, African Economic Research Consortium, 2003
  6. Schumpteter, J. A., Essays on Entrepreneurs, Innovations, Business Cycles, and the Evolution of Capitalism, Edited by R. V. Clemence, Transaction Publishers, New Brunswick, New Jersey.
  7. Peter Lance and Collin Thirtle 2001 Africa and Asia In Comparative Economic Perspective
  8. Shaun Breslin, Christopher Hughes, Nicola Phillips and Ben Rosamo 2002 New Regionalism in the Global Political Economy: Theories and Cases
  9. John Weiss 2002 Industrialization and Globalisation: Theory and Evidence from Developing Countries
  10. Laura Wallace 2000 Africa: Adjusting to the Challenges of Globalisation

Implementation of the Report on the Social Dimension of Globalisation

One of the ESRF Globalisation team member, Dr. J. Kweka has been nominated to work in the Task Force established by the Government of Tanzania on the implementation of the Globalisation Report on the Social Dimension of Globalisation.

Past Events

  1. Workshop to Launch the Globalisation Project - 15-16th April 2002 - See the Report.
  2. First Annual Globalisation Lecture - 25th August 2003 - See the Report.
  3. Globalisation Retreat - 26-27th October 2003 - See the Report.