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Mr. George Kabelwa is an Assistant Research Fellow with the ESRF working under the Globalization Project, which is funded by the Ford Foundation. He holds a B.A with honors (1997) and an M.A (2000) both in economics from the University of Dar es Salaam. Before joining ESRF, he worked with a number of institutions including World Bank (Dar es Salaam), REPOA (Dar es Salaam) and RAND Corporation (Santa Monica, California). At REPOA he was involved in a CMI research programme on Taxation, Aid and Democracy. At World Bank Country Office in Tanzania he supported the Macroeconomic Unit where among other things, he participated in the preparation of the 1999/00 Country Economic Memorandum (CEM). At the RAND Corporation in Santa Monica, California he worked in a range of research issues facing the Southern California covering environment, transport, and health. Currently, his research interest is on international trade, FDI, taxation and transport, out of which he published two papers on South African involvement in the Tanzanian economy and wrote several reports on among others, trade in services, trade and poverty linkage, FDI promotion, tax revenue performance, and transport competitiveness.

Kabelwa, G. (2002), South African FDI into East Africa: The Case of Tanzania - download

Kabelwa, G. (2004), Technology Transfer and South African Investment in Tanzania - download