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Beatrice Kalinda Mkenda has a PhD in economics from Göteborg University, a Masters and MPhil from University of Sussex, and a Bachelor of Arts (Econ) from the University of Zambia. She served as a Deputy Director of the Globalization project for two years from December 2001 to November 2003. Before that she worked as a Lecturer and Staff Development Fellow in economics at the University of Zambia. She also worked as a short-term consultant with the World Bank, during which she co-authored a paper with Maria Floro, on "Zambia in the 1980s: A Review of National and Urban Level Economic Reforms". The document can be downloaded here.

Her research interests are trade and open economy macro-economic issues. She has, since completion of her PhD, worked with Prof. Arne Bigsten on two Sida reports: "Impacts of Trade Liberalisation in Zambia", and "Kenya and the East African Community". Her other publications are;

"An Empirical Test of Purchasing Power Parity in Selected African Countries - A Panel Data Approach" - click here for details.

"Long-run and Short-run Determinants of the Real Exchange Rate in Zambia" - click here for details.

"Is East Africa an Optimum Currency Area" - click here for details.

Mkenda, B. K. (2002), To what extend is East Africa Globalised?, Globalisation and East Africa Working Paper Series No. 1: 19 - download

Mkenda, B. K. (2002), The Evolution of East African Trade: Structure and Policies - download