South-South Investment, Globalisation and Development: South Africa, East Africa and India

This project is a joint venture of the ESRF's Globalization in East Africa and two other research organizations: the Edge Institute of South Africa and the Indicus Analytics of India.

The project has two primary objectives. The first is to analyse the development impact of foreign direct investment from one developing economy into another, and to explore the behaviour as multinationals of firms originating in developing economies The project will focus upon investment flows between South Africa, India and East Africa, looking separately at the three countries, Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda. The second objective is to evaluate the impact both on South Africa and on other Africa economies of the rapid scaling-up of economic relations between South Africa and the rest of Africa over the past decade. This shift in these relations represents a significant 'moment' in the historical evolution of the three East Africa economies, and the project will contribute to deepening our understanding of the longer-run implications of the re-integration into the continent of its largest economy.

To achieve these objectives, the project will combine three different methodologies: survey, case study and ethnographic analysis. Survey and case study approaches will be employed to examine operations of firms engaged in conventional foreign investment activity, with home bases in India or South Africa, whereas the ethnographic analysis will be used to explore the networks characteristic of trans-national Indian 'business system'.